Tony Zarco

Posted November 15 2006 05:23 PM by tbrown 
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Tony Zarco

Now an accomplished artist in many mediums—airbrushing, sculpture, oil painting, computer art, etc.—Tony developed his artistic techniques without receiving any special artistic training. "No I never had any type of art classes," he says. "Everything I know was self-taught and learned through experience."


 The multi-talented Tony has developed his technique to the point where he’s creating some extraordinary works of art. "My work is of mixed media where contrast and color and texture are mixed to create special one-of-a-kind paintings," admits the artist. "My work can be admired by all people from your average person to an art critic."? Much of the significance of Tony’s works is derived from the artist’s ability to represent his life and culture on canvas. Asked about the symbolism in his art, Tony sums it up in one word, "Magic," before elaborating, "The feeling that you get to touch them when you’re staring at them. They welcome you into their world."

Tony’s appearance in Lowrider Arte Magazine is a welcome bit of exposure for the artist, who’s currently working out of  Southern California with illustrious plans for the future. "I want to be a trendsetting painter," he declares. "I want my artwork to be looked at by many and they will be able to tell that it was done by me, like they do with Rembrandt’s paintings."

But no matter how far Tony’s artistic talent takes him, he’s unlikely to forget his Mexican roots or what it took to get where he’s at today. "Over 27 years, I have realized that nothing is too far to reach," he says. "And if that’s just the dream of a kid, then let me be a kid who will always dream about becoming somebody with my art. I believe in people who dream that their dreams can come true with hard work and experience. My dream has always been to be a painter and now I have realized my dream. To all of the upcoming artists, I hope that my painting can inspire you and make you become better painters. Keep your head up and if someone tells you that your work is not good enough, work a little harder to make sure that you can show people what you can achieve."

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